At The Villages Travel & Tour, we’re a part of the largest travel network in North America with thousands of agencies and over $20 billion in annual sales volume. That means that our host travel agencies and their independent agents have huge resources at the core of their hosting benefits, like award-winning educational opportunities, great technology, worldwide in-country Destination Management Company contacts and strong value-add hotel, tour, cruise and air programs with special benefits for you and your travelers. Whether you sell luxury, premium or contemporary, sun & sand, honeymoons, family or adventure travel, our portfolio of supplier partners provides you with strong support, industry-leading commissions, special offers and marketing opportunities to maximize success according to YOUR business priorities.


New To Travel

A career in the travel business has long been an exciting proposition. After all, in what other industry is the job description ultimately about exploring the world in order to help fulfill other’s lifelong dreams? And today it’s easier than ever to earn a nice income as an independent travel agent while setting your own schedule, selling the activities and destinations you love and working from whatever location you choose. With such control and choice, it’s no wonder that the number of independent travel agents, also known as independent contractors or ICs, has grown tremendously in recent years.

But becoming a successful independent travel agent requires much more than just personal travel experience and an appreciation of geography and cultures; it requires business acumen, attention to detail, a strong customer service orientation, creativity and discipline. Success also requires solid support, which means alignment with the right “host” travel agency that offers the best industry connections, influence and special benefits for you and your travelers.

Experienced Travel Agent

Are you an experienced travel agent?  You have goals. You’ve worked hard to build your agency to where it is today, and you have a clear-cut vision on where you want it to go. Yet it’s difficult in today’s 24-7 business model to find the time and the resources to achieve those goals.

That’s where we come in.  The Villages Travel & Tour makes it easy for you to get the tools, resources and support you need to grow.

Because every agency can improve. Every agency has strengths and weaknesses—some are masters at marketing but lack the latest technologies, while others may have the tools to sell profitably, but not enough clients to do so. Either way, we want to talk!  We are currently searching the globe for experienced agents who share our passion for travel, business growth, and building long lasting relationships.

With our best-in-class business travel support, time-saving technology solutions, far-reaching marketing muscle and award-winning luxury and leisure programs—all in your back pocket, ready to use whenever you need them—your agency can thrive. It can flourish. It will improve.

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